We have road, mountain, and city bikes for hire. Check availability and rent a bike by clicking the button in the description or give us a call at 512-473-0222.

Rental Rates

How we calculate rental periods.

Single Day – Within our business hours the same day. Meaning the rental bikes and/or equipment are returned the same day before closing.

Multi-Day – Considered 2 or more full business days. Bikes are allowed to be returned by the end of the last business day.

If you need to cancel, please inform us 24 hours in advance to avoid fees.

Travel Case Rental

We rent hard plastic travel cases.
$10 per day
$60 per week
Plus labor for professionally packing or unpacking.

Customers are responsible for any damaged components and labor to repair said wheels and/or bike.

Trek Madone 4.6 Road Bike

Single Day $50 | Multi-Day $45 (Per Day)

Trek 2.1 Road Bike

Single Day $40 | Multi-Day $35 (Per Day)

Trek Superfly Mountain Bike

Single Day $50 | Multi-Day $45 (Per Day)

Trek 8.3 Dual Sport

Single Day $30 | Multi-Day $25 (Per Day)