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Late Summer Tune Up

August 28th, 2014

Our accountant's handlebars.

It’s been a long, hot summer. Tune and clean your bike before it teaches you a lesson.
After a great summer of riding, your bike starts to feel the effects in more ways than just chain wear and cable stretching. The hot weather and sunshine effects your bike in other more permanent devastating ways, if not addressed.
- Your tires break down from the Ultraviolet rays of the sun.
- Tire sealant clumps
- Sweat, dirt, and moisture corrodes parts like handle bars, exposed cable, aluminum dropouts, barrel adjusters, and other metal parts.

Don’t let corrosion happen. It not only slows you down, but can do permanent damage to handlebars and other important components.

Come in a get a good wash, tune, and straighten. We’ll replace any rusted or corroded parts, housings, cables, and rewrap you bars.

Give is a call at 512 473 0222, email, or stop by the shop.

Back to School Must Haves

August 28th, 2014

We have the stuff to make your school year transportation fast and easy—without breaking your bank.

Trek FX Series

School’s back, and you now need a dependable, economical self transport system. We’ll get you the essentials.

The Bike

Our favorite bike for school commuting is the Trek FX. It’s light, nimble, and comfortable, with ample gearing for tackling Austin’s sneaky in-town climbs. It’s as happy on smooth pavement as it is on gravel, so it doubles as a city commuter and a fast fitness bike. You can also put racks and fenders on it to make it a serious commuter. There are several models of the FX dependent upon features and components, so there is one for everyone’s needs and budget. FX’s start at $469.99 with a warranty, free brake and derailleur adjustment for life, and one free tuneup.

Kryptonite 785 Keeper


You gotta have a lock. While a U-Lock is your most secure, we are very excited about the Kryptonite 785 Keeper Chain. It’s a super-secure chain lock like you see in urban centers. It’s affordable at $34.99, and easily carried.

Lezyne Femto Drive


See and be seen. We have a wide range of brightness and prices, but these little Lezyne Femtos are a great value at 14.99. Good lumens, long life, and well-priced. If you want more light, come and check out some of our serious light systems like the 700 lumen Ion.

Storage & Bags

Chrome Bags

You’ll have cargo, so we have a bunch of bags, packs, rack panniers, and other options, whether you like shoulder bags, backpacks, or racks only. Check out goods from Chrome and Timbuk2.

Correct Race Number Installation

August 13th, 2014

Good Application.


It seems easy enough, but many bike racers commit race number errors on a regular basis. They bubble, flap, and are badly positioned. Here is a quick how-to to secure your number for stability, aerodynamics, and visibility.

Note: this lesson applies to traditional Tyvek-style pin-on numbers. Not the fancy Euro pro adhesive


Placement is essential for visibility for officials and photographers. It ensures your identity and results accuracy. Place your number so that the bottom edge of the number hits the middle of your jersey’s side panel, aligned with your armpit. It’s “right-reading” from the side.

Pinning the Number

  • Pin your number while your jersey is off of your body. Don’t count on friends or other racers to do this favor.
  • Use about one pin per inch of surface. This could be as many as nine. More pins keeps the number flat and avoids catching the wind. The one pictured is sort of overkill, but effective.
  • Don’t use the corner holes. Don’t!
  • Pin in the center as well as the perimeter. Start on either side of the corners and pin one per inch around the perimeter.

  • Double pin. This means pin through number and jersey, then come back up through the number and jersey again and lock the safety pin.
  • Don’t crumple your number. Officials don’t like it. If you pinned correctly and generously, the number should stay flat.

Shimano Sport Camera

August 6th, 2014

Shimano’s much anticipated Sport Camera has finally arrived, and as all Shimano things are, it’s impeccably designed.  This pint sized camera has all the features you would expect, like 1080p  recording, smartphone integration, and a 180 degree viewing angle.  As well as some things you wouldn’t anticipate, like an IPX8  waterproof rating.  What does that mean in English?  The camera can be submerged for 2 hrs at a depth of 10 meters.  Not something you’ll probably do, but great piece of mind if you’re caught out in the rain on your bike.

In addition, the unobtrusive size makes it virtually invisible on your bike.  I do love a GoPro camera, but when strapping one to my handlebars, I’m keenly aware that this is a camera built for all sports.  With the Shimano Sport Camera you really do get the sense that this is purpose built for cycling.  Small, easy to use (I downloaded the instruction manual and it was astonishingly a one page pdf) and featuring some simple, secure mounts.

Check out the video below to see the Sport Camera in action, or click here for full specs.  We’ve got these in stock now, as well as GoPro camera’s. If you’re trying to decide between the two products we’re happy to compare and contrast these in person.

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