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The Giro Factor & Trans

July 23rd, 2014

Giro has long been known for being a leader in the lightweight, aero, and safe categories of cycling helmets. Though what some don’t know is that with such complimentary partners as Easton, Bell and Blackburn they are able to combine many facets of cycling technology easily to create some of the most premium products in the industry. One area this is most evident in Giro’s line is the mid to upper level cycling shoes such as the Giro Trans and Giro Factor.

If you’ve seen the shoes before then you know right away these are eye catching, but they also combine the best materials from Giro’s other product lines. If you take a closer look at the Giro Trans you will notice a few key features that separate it from the bunch. One is an extremely durable, but supple microfiber upper to curve and shape over time to your own foot. Also, a very stiff sole which borrows technology from Easton’s EC70 line of carbon fiber, which by the way is made in a different mold per every full size of shoe they make (Unlike other companies which create molds only for every 2 full sizes).  This small step greatly increases comfort and gets rid of that overlapping feel when an upper is too big for the sole of the shoe. Plus, you can find a semi-custom arch support insole that also combines technology from their helmets’ Aegis fibers.  These fibers resist microbial build up and keep your shoes smelling good for many miles to come.  At $225, the Giro Trans is one of the most affordable shoes we carry with this many features.

If you care to spend an extra $75 dollars and go to the Giro Factor you will be moved up to Giro’s second from the top performance road shoe which combines everything that’s great about the Giro Trans shoe, but takes it to the next level. First is the upper made of an Evofiber for an even better snug fit. Second, the sole of this shoe is now made out of Easton’s EC90 unidirectional carbon fiber to make it not only extremely thin (6mm) to give you an amazing amount of contact with the pedal, but it also increases stiffness and strength. The Factor also comes with the X-static level of insole which incorporates a silver lined thread to prevent a stinky, bacteria filled shoe.  Both the Trans and Factor also include three different levels of included arch support as part of their Supernatural Fit System.  These small inserts can make a big impact on overall comfort and fit. To top it all off, the Factor has a  replaceable heel pad for ultimate longevity.

Together, these two shoes combine technology from leading brands we can all recognize and make them affordable without going to the Giro Empire or Prolight SLX line of shoes. After owning a pair I know there’s not a better shoe on the market for the money.

Check out the video below for more information on Giro Insoles.

MJ 100k – Tempo Training for Advanced Riders

July 22nd, 2014

The MJ 100k is our newest ride.  Geared towards experienced riders, this 2 by 2, 62 mile route stays consistent and travels some of of the best roads south of Austin.  Not overly hilly, but endlessly rolling, this is a great ride for anyone training to compete in the Hotter than Hell 100 or any other late season race.  While there aren’t a whole bunch of silly attacks, the pace is quite high and most riders don’t really want to attack after 50+ miles at 20mph.  This is tempo training at it’s best, and guaranteed to make you fit.

Who should attend:

Riders who finish our MOTR (Middle of the Road) ride in the front group and feel like there is a little left in the tank.

What to expect:

Relatively slow roll out that slowly builds in speed.  Riders are expected to be comfortable riding 2X2 in a group, rotating through pacelines and have the ability to complete a 62 mile ride in approx. three hours (ride leaves at 8am and generally returns at 11:30am with one stop for water).

Is this a drop ride?

Technically, yes.  But please don’t take this to mean that it is an unfriendly ride.  This is a great group of guys and girls that are happy to wait five minutes for a quick flat change, but are here with the purpose of training.  Riders should be prepared to find there own way home if they get dropped or have a mechanical.

What else?

It’s hot in Texas.  Bring two full water bottles, nutrition and sunscreen.  Ride size is normally 25-40 people and the route is fantastic.  Leaves at 8am sharp from the shop.  Click on the map below for a larger version.

MJ 100k Route Map

Our Classic Bib Gets an Upgrade

July 22nd, 2014

Our Classic black bib…  This is the short we launched when Mellow Johnny’s opened its doors in 2008.  A core piece of kit that matches practically all of the jerseys we make.  Timeless in design, yet in the past 6 years our black bib has become technically, a bit antiquated.

We’ve been working with Giordana to upgrade the quality of all our kit, and these re-worked Classic Bibs have just arrived.  The early staff reviews are great and practically every aspect of the bibs have been improved.  A quality pair of shorts protects some crucial contact points on the bikes and really can enhance your comfort while riding.

Below is a breakdown of the new features:

Better leg grippers

No more thin straps of silicon.  As with some of our other new shorts, our leg bands have grown wider to distribute the pressure around a larger portion of the leg.  Giordana has used less silicon in the new shorts and sewn the grippers on with flatlock seams.  This makes for a very comfortable fit.  Not too tight and certainly not loose.

Better bib straps

Away with the old school wide mesh bib straps.  These new straps offer a bit more comfort by stretching more while retaining their original shape.  The finer mesh wicks moisture away, has a better feel, and simply looks better.

Better Chamois

We’ve started incorporating the Cirro Chamois into all of our new shorts.  It’s just too good.  Originally the idea was to offer bibs at a few different price points, incorporating different qualities of chamois’.  We just couldn’t do it.  The Cirro is the best chamois Giordana makes, the chamois our staff loves, and an integral part of creating a bib we are proud to put our logo on.

Better fabrics

The new Classic Bib features a better blend of fabrics to provide a bit more compression, better abrasion resistance and breath-ability.  The result is a comfortable, cool bib that will stand up to a bit more abuse.

Have we sold you yet?  If so click here to buy a pair for your self.  Otherwise, be sure to check out the differences in person next time your in the shop.

Masi Road Ready Value

June 26th, 2014

Two Masi Models at Amazing Prices

Masi Inizio

Looking for your first Road Bike? Look no further. The Masi Inizio
is your weekend warrior or your Monday thru Friday commuter. The one
thing you will notice when riding the Inizio is the stability and power transr
that the aluminum double butted frame provides. The Masi Inizio is a great high
quality road bike at a low price.

Available in 2 colors

Sugg Retail $749
SALE Price $599
$150 Saving

Masi CX

What is the Masi CX? Is it a Cyclecross bike? Is it a touring bike? Is it a commuter bike? The answer is yes.  The Masi CX is a steel frame
that offers the geometry for racing Cyclecross and the durability for commuting or touring.

Sugg Retail $899
SALE Price$699
$200 Saving!!

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