Weekly Rides at Mellow Johnny’s

We have lots and lots of rides every single week for all levels. Our ride leaders are knowledgeable, personable, and sincerely care about helping you achieve your riding goals whether its a casual ride, a social ride to meet friends, commuting rides, or training for speed and power.

All rides leave from the shop and are co-ed, “no drop” unless otherwise noted. Riders should arrive 30 minutes ahead of ride start time for a little socialization, cup of coffee or breakfast taco from Juan Pelota Café.

What to bring? Road bike (for road rides), clipless pedals, helmet, bike in good working condition, water and nutrition, flat changing tools, and no headphones.


Friday Truancy Ride
Fridays 2:30 pm

Weekend warriors jump-start your weekend with a 17-18mph 30-miler through neighborhoods, official bike routes, and minimal large roadways with a few hills and optional sprints. Led by Mellow Johnny’s.

Scout-a-Route Ride
Saturdays 9 am
Co-hosted by Mellow Johnny’s and Austin Cycling Association. Perfect for the cyclist new to riding or commuting, returning to the bike after a big hiatus or just looking for a casual spin. The routes are designed to help riders navigate our city and learn safe bike commuting options. Two groups offered: 1) those who can average 14-16mph for 20-30 miles with one or two regroup points and 2) same route as the first group but with an extended mileage option. Routes vary weekly to/around Clarksville, Rollingwood, McKinney Falls, South Austin, East to Meander and more.

KLCTVE Fusion Thursday Night Ride

The Thursday evening ride features an around town route that goes east toward Mueller, North toward North Loop and Shoal Creek and then back downtown along through Tarrytown and along Pease Park.  There are a couple of short hills, some nice flats along with a few sprint points if you want to stretch your legs.  Riders will need to be comfortable riding in-town routes and obeying traffic signals and signs.

Wheels down 6:30 pm

Route: East around town. 24 miles..  There is one rest stop at the Mosaic market in Mueller. This is a no-drop ride averaging around 16mph.  You’ll need lights, helmets, and flat-changing tools. Wheels down at 6:30PM.


Middle of the Road Ride (MOTR)
Saturdays 8:30 am
Led by the UT Cycling team, great for the intermediate rider wanting a good 30-35 miles at a decent pace of 16-17mph on in-town bike routes and roads with low to moderate traffic. Routes vary weekly to/around areas like Creedmoor, McKinney State Falls into Elroy, Buda, 360 Loop, Bee Caves and beyond.

AFWC Ladies’ Ride
Sundays 8:00am
Led by the Austin Flyers Women’s Cycling Club. Sorry boys, only girls are allowed on this intermediate and friendly 2.5-3 hour ride averaging 15-16mph. It’s a great opportunity for ladies who want a good workout, new routes, and new riding partners.

There are 3 categories of rides on Sundays, to accommodate all levels. Look here for details.

Violet Crown Mellow Wheeling Ride
Sundays 8:15 am
This is one of the oldest group rides in Austin meeting every Sunday morning for over 30 years!  This ride is a great fit for the intermediate rider on a road bike in good repair who is accustomed to riding in groups. This  co-ed ride averages 17-18mph for 50-60 miles and is not “no-drop”, it is still a speedy ride. Riders for this group should have experience riding in groups and understand the etiquette of group riding, be able to change a tire and address minor mechanical issues. Riders should come expecting a challenging road ride and bring the proper equipment. Please don’t wear headphones or plan to do ride in  your aero bars. We typically ride out against the wind and have a tailwind on the way home as nature intended. Speaking of nature, expect one “nature break” around 20 miles into the ride, and one store stop around the mid-point of the ride.

Wheels down at 8:15am.

Route:  routes and distance will vary.

Violet Crown Tuesday & Thursday Rides
Tuesdays & Thursdays 7 am

These rides are led by the Violet Crown team, and will depart every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:00 am.  This one-and-a-half to two hour ride averages 16-18 mph. Riders for this group should have experience riding in groups and understand the etiquette of group riding, be able to change a tire and address minor mechanical issues.  Routes will vary from southerly, mostly flat terrain, to northwesterly hilly rides, depending on wind direction and the whims of the ride leader.  These rides are meant to provide some steady tempo training hours.

Wheels down at 7:00 am.

Wheels down at 8:15am.

Route:  varying terrain for 1.5 hours.

Mid Century Ride
Every other Sunday 8:30 am

Looking for a more seasoned ride when the fairways are booked? Join us on the Mid Century Ride. It’s the new golf. This ride is for the AARP crowd, 50 years and over. We promise not to card you. It’s a no drop, intermediate, coed ride that will cover 30-35 miles at a 14-16 mile average. The route will vary each week from hill country rollers to in-town hills. There will be regrouping stops so no rider will be left behind. If you looking for more distinguished company at a ride pace that won’t redline your heart rate, meet at the shop at 8:15 and the ride will start at 8:30am. Bring a helmet, bike in good working condition, water and nutrition, and flat changing tools. Please no headphones.

The Mid Century Ride will be twice a month. Check our calendar for future dates.

Intermediate/Advanced – Not “no drop”

The MJ 100k
Saturdays at 8 am
The MJ 100k is a little longer and a little faster than the Middle of the Road Ride.

For those who remember the Bakery rides, this has the vibe of those. 2×2 lines, social but down to business, and we are more interested in each other than our power meters. That means you can prove it at the road signs—like the olden days.

20 MPH Average
It’s a friendly and supportive group, but If you get dropped, be self sufficient.