Pedal Hard Training Center at Mellow Johnny’s is a state of the art training and testing facility led by 6-Time Tour de France rider Kevin Livingston.

Whether you want to shave precious seconds or just get fit, Pedal Hard Training Center has a program for you.

The Pedal Hard Training Center at Mellow Johnny’s is the storefront version of Kevin Livingston’s Pedal Hard Training concept. The training center is rigged with new liquid trainers, video, and sound.

Pedal Hard Training Center Services Include:

Indoor Classes

The Pedal Hard Training Center features the virtual 3-D Computrainer system, that measures power, heart rate, and cadence.

Open Gym Training

Whether you’re a group or individual looking to train outside of class hours you can book a time to train on the Computrainers or Fluid Trainers. Computrainer systems allow riders to load personal programs and download workout data. Video puts riders on routes all over the world.

Bike Fit

Pedal Hard Training Center uses the Retul system to factor for saddle height, fore-aft of saddle, shoe/cleat position, back angle, and handlebar reach.

Threshold Testing

Through the use of an SRM Ergometer and lactate analyzer, we can determine your current level of fitness.