Parlee brings Artful Craft and Performance

October 4th, 2012

For those in the cycling world Parlee Cycles is name that is held in the highest regard for his custom carbon bicycles and we’re proud we’re Parlee’s dealer. For the last decade Bob Parlee has used the years of experience he gained building competition racing boats with the material to create his entire line.

From the flagship fully or semi-custom Z1 and Z-Zero, to the production Z5, Parlee is self-proclaimed designer and builder of bikes. Ones that eliminate unnecessary shapes and instead aiming for the efficient use of carbon to produce a better performing bicycle. And, our rides on Parlee can only reinforce what we’ve read. While they don’t feature radical shaping that the industry and marketing companies have sold us on, they perform on a level that makes you immediately want to own a Parlee.

With so much focus on performance Parlee hasn’t forgotten that a bike should look good and there are nearly limitless choices via their custom finishes online tool. The best part about the process is that whether you choose a stock Z5 frame, or a custom one, they will paint it for you and deliver it to us to build.

Last, let’s talk fit. Since Parlee offers custom, semi-custom, and production models our Mellow Johnny’s staff can work with you and Parlee to find what is best for you. It can all start with just a call or email and we’ll listen to what you’re looking for. Not everyone needs or wants a custom bike, so maybe a Z5 is your perfect bike. On the other side of the coin, many buyers have waited all of their life for a custom made one-of-a-kind bicycle. Wherever you fall in the spectrum one of the members of our sales staff will walk you through every step of the process of creating your new Parlee Bicycle.

Parlee Models

Z-Zero (Coming Late 2012)
Time Trial
Time Trial Custom