Fuel Your Rides

February 18th, 2013

Fueling Up on the Bike
By: Lauren Ziedonis

You have a bike, you’ve been riding, and are ready to test out longer distances…perhaps try a group ride or even register for the BP MS150. Before you commit to a full day of riding, don’t forget to bring fuel and hydration on your journey!

Your body needs calories to regulate temperature, to keep your heart, brain and lungs working, and to fuel your legs to power through. The cliche “you are what you eat” rings true. Based on my stupidity and experiences as a mountain bike racer, this is where I make most of my mistakes. Sometimes it’s not the strength, endurance, mental focus, bike weight, or even technical skills keeping you from your best. It’s about feeding yourself properly and timely.

Everyone is different, your nutrition needs will differ from day to day. In general, eating and drinking on the bike goes like this:

  • Drink one bottle of water per hour on the bike. Bring more than you think you should. When you get tired or get a break at a stop light- Drink!
  • Drink more water than electrolyte mix. You need both, but more water is better.
  • Eat about 100 calories per hour on the bike.
  • Gels, gummies, bars and Snickers are more easily digested than fried chicken or a cheeseburger super sized. Our muscles use glycogen first to function. When glycogen runs out, protein gets used next. Proteins are muscles being burned for fuel, that’s not the best source.
  • Sports drinks with electrolytes will help balance and replenish all that has been sweated out. If you get leg cramps you will have to find the right sports drink or electrolyte tabs to keep your legs moving.

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