All-New Trek Fuel EX 29 and Remedy 29

For the last few months the rumor mill and bike spy websites have been churning out information on possible new Trek models and today the bikes were released. Based on their successful Fuel Ex and Remedy series of 26″ wheel bicycles Trek has rolled out 8 new total bikes between the 2 models. The move to the 29″ wheel is big news and departure from Trek only offering G2 geometry bigger wheel bikes in the Gary Fisher Collection. Both models feature Trek ABPDRCV Suspension Technology, along with internal cable and dropper post routing. Here is the line-up.

The Fuel Ex 29

The engineers at Trek worked long hours to make the Fuel EX Series the best 120mm (4.7″)travel bike in the market. The full floater suspension design is one that the engineers and designers in mountain bike group would proudly talk about on our numerous visits to Wisconsin. At the heart of the design is a very stiff one piece rocker link (Evo) paired to a shock that isn’t hindered by being attached to the frame (Full Floater) allowing it to float and work throughout the range of the suspension motion. The new 29 model will have 5 new offerings, 3 of which will be aluminum, and the the other 2 carbon. We’re thrilled to have some of the very first models in the country already headed our way and can’t wait to report back on the ride.


Trek Fuel EX7 29 $2499
Trek Fuel EX8 29 $2799
Trek Fuel EX9 29 $3999
Trek Fuel EX9.7 29 Carbon  $3999
Trek Fuel EX9.8 29 Carbon  $4999

Trek Remedy 29

The Trek Remedy 29 series is Trek’s 140mm (5.5″) Travel Technical Trail/All Mountain Model that like the Fuel EX, the Remedy utilizes the one-piece Evo rocker link. Offered in 3 aluminum models the Remedy 29 will  be equipped with the Mino Link that allows the rider to adjust the bikes head angle for quicker or slower handling situations using an allen wrench. Also, coming to the Remedy 29 is the Trek Armor downtube and swingarm pads, to protect your frame from rocks and debris. Like the Fuel EX we love the DRCV front and rear shocks on the Remedy 29, the technology developed by Trek with Fox Racing Shocks. The system allows for both small bump and big hit compliance by having a 2 stage air chamber that utilizes a first stage smaller air chamber that is more sensitive to small bumps, but  that that smaller chamber opens a valve to a bigger 2nd stage upper chamber when needed on bigger hits.


Trek Remedy 7 29 $2699
Trek Remedy 8 29 $3299
Trek Remedy 9 29 $4499