A Short Commute that Goes a Long Way

November 30th, 2012

A daily commute can be mundane. It can be a necessary evil. It can be beautiful and transcendent .We will offer our commutes to you, and ask you to share yours. Ted Arnold, bike buyer at Mellow Johnny’s, tells us what his routine ride gives him.

The cold air is a shock. More than anything else I’ll do today the first pedal strokes of my morning commute let me know I am alive. Past Brentwood Park and along Arroyo Seco the same cluster of potholes greets me. A few blocks later the smell of Mi Victoria Bakery a triggers my hunger. It’s these small bits of life are my signals that all is right. I could be in my car, but why?

Pushing aside my excuses to drive exposes the passion for me that is riding a bike. In the time of day that most people dread, I get a slice of what I love. Even if my life is no longer so simple as to allow a 5-hour folly on my bike, my commute allows me to have these small moments.

Onward towards Shoal Creek and though the historic Sieders Oaks section of the trail I see the same walker every morning and riding down Lamar Boulevard. At 6 am it’s a ghost land. On my right the same runner I see daily, and heading north the same loaded commuter I see too. Our routines entwined as he labors with his overloaded rig, and as I speed downhill smoothly I can’ help but to think I’m cheating.

Past Pease Park and House Park my trip is nearing the end. The gravity I cheated this morning will become my afternoon adversary. Once at MJ’s my coffee all the better, the breakfast taco all the more satisfying. I am alive.

Want to share your commute? We’d love to hear what motivates you and what you love. Drop us a line or some words and if maybe we can share it with the MJ’s family.